Fire Pars Company started its work in 1397 by the management of Vahid Taheri, with more than 26 years of experiences in the field of supplying safety and firefighting equipment.

Due to the riskiness and special need for the safety of the employees and the firefighters in the firefighting operations, we have resolved this essential need by being the branch of the most reliable companies in the world, in Iran.

Here some of the prosperities that this company achieved in this short time since the establishment of the company:

1. Make Shahin Shahr, Bandar Abbas, Meshkin dasht and ... firefighting organization satisfy from our works.

2. Acquire and receive representation from the most reliable companies in the world for the production of firefighting suits.

3. After-sales services for the correct use of the goods and the assurance of the quality and health of the products provided by the company.

We are going to make better opportunities for our customers by expanding our activities in the field of safety and firefighting equipment.

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